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86 – Eighty Six

86 – Eighty Six

  • Title: 86 – Eighty Six
  • Year: 2021
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    episode 7 - Will You Remember Me? episode 6 - Through to the End episode 5 - I'm With You episode 4 - Real Name

    86 Eighty Six Anime Online

    For a long time this country was attacked by its neighbors, The Empire which creates a series of unmanned military vehicles called "The Legion". In response to the threat, the republic successfully completes the development of similar technology and repels the enemy's attack trying to avoid casualties as much as possible, but in fact there were victims outside the 85 administrative zones of the republic; there was actually now the non-existent zone 86, it was there where the battles continue every day and night in which young people from the detachment known as “86” participated.

    They fought or are thieves without directing the actions of the young and suicidal bombers while on the battlefield is a Handler which commands a squad from a remote backside with the help of a special communication the farewell story in the hard and sad fight of these two begins.

    86 Eighty Six Anime Where to Watch

    It is a Japanese light novel of the genre action , drama , science fiction , military and was the twenty-third place winner in the Dengeki Novel Prize and was published in February 2017. This work addresses issues such as war, death, discrimination, friendship, family, “the dead were not in the field but they died ” there this phrase marks the beginning of the story since it encompasses the main idea of ​​the plot the constant battles that are taking place against the legion undoubtedly entail the presence of death and they make us give account of the importance for each 86 of the state at war day and night without rest without knowing if it exists or tomorrow for which while the story is rolling we can perceive a feeling of frustration and impotence and nostalgia that surrounds the characters already that we are getting to know the history and perspective of each one of them when they face the obstacles that are presented to them and making us emphasize with their feelings, emotions and illusions, making it inevitable not to suffer with them in each of their missions.

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    86 Eighty Six Anime Characters

    86 - Eighty Six Shin

    In the story we have two main protagonists, the first of them Chinese Shin who is also called Chinese and is known by his code name, Undertaker is a boy who managed to survive during the last five years at the forefront of battle thanks to his incredible ability to fight and pilot, and this leader of the battle squad is a virgin.

    86 - Eighty Six Shin

    86 - Eighty Six Raiden

    Raiden I am an elite soldier of the army of the republic who at his early age of 16 managed to obtain the rank of commander, he is given command of the Spearhead Squadron with whom you communicate through long distance communication.

    86 - Eighty Six Raiden

    At the beginning, the personality of each of them can be clearly seen, their beliefs and thoughts, he considered that the war made their way of being a little more serious and distrustful than what a young city would normally be, but it is precisely this aspect the one that makes us see the most human side of the story because it is through them that we can see the consequences of this endless war against the legion, the illustrations seemed incredible to me, they manage to convey the emotions and situations that live in the characters

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    Song: 86 - Eighty Six

    Artist: Hitorie

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    Song: Avid

    Artist: Sawano Hiroyuki