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我的召唤物可以学技能 汉语

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语言: 汉语

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十月 21, 2020

铁 The iron fence across the window shows that the body is very uncoordinated, extremely twisted, eyes open, and pupils scarlet and bloodthirsty.

The sharp nails were full of dark red mud, from the corpse that had been ripped under the feet.

怪物 What kind of monster is this?

The weird figure came to the railings of the iron window, and she noticed Chen Gou, treating him as his next prey.

The "Housewife" forced her head into the iron railing, squeezed desperately, scraped the skin, and crushed the bones, just like a snake trying to get into a rabbit's den, desperately trying to get in.


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我的召唤物可以学技能 汉语 novel


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