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Immortal Ape King english

30 Chapters 361 views Gudao Zhi Author 2020 Year


Language: english

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October 25, 2020

The Luohe River is a river in the eastern part of the Great Wilderness. The widest section is hundreds of miles. According to the legend left by the ancestors, it is the diversion of the Qinghe River. Branch rivers like this are very much in the eastern part of the country, raising countless creatures on this land.

Although the tribes along the Luohe River are far apart, they are not far from a hundred miles away.

In the morning, the morning glow is over the sky, and the sun shines on the Luohe River, giving a faint golden light like a broken gold. A group of children, there are dozens of people, ranging in age from four to five years old to the teens. In the practice field on the front of the village, they are greeted by the morning glow, and they are tempted by the heavens and the earth, and all of them are abnormal. serious.

"Give me the spirit of concentration, the beginning of the sun, the beginning of all things, this time there will be a congenital purple gas in the heavens and the earth, if you feel and can inhale the body, you can strengthen the bones to fill the blood, increase the vitality of the body, to you There will be great benefits in the future, and it will be worth more than a hard day of cultivation.” On a large bluestone in front, a middle-aged man with muscles that are as strong as a tiger and leopard, his face is strong and dressed in plain green clothes, his skin is bronzed. Looking at the children in front of them, they are seriously warned.

"Do you understand?"

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Immortal Ape King english novel

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