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60 Chapters 104 views Liang Bu Fan Author 2020 Year

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October 21, 2020

"Lü's family! Your stinky kid cried my family Zhang Ming again! You don't care if I really report to the police!" Zhang Wenguang next door stood hummingly in front of the courtyard of Lu's courtyard. .

"Brother Zhang, I'm really sorry, I can't compensate you here! When this stinky boy comes back, I must take care of him!" Lu Liren vowed swearingly.

"Come on, how many times have you said that? Haven't seen Lu Liang's stinky boy long memory! This is the only seedling in your family, is it true that you are reluctant to pack it?" Zhang Wenguang looked with contempt, " You look at the boy from the second house of Wang, who was silent before, and then disappeared for two years. I did not expect that people quietly worshipped the Xiuxian school, and now they all fly around. That is the fairy! The King's family can now be stubborn! "

"Oh, Brother Zhang, the kid's innate ease of nature, I guess he knew he was in trouble again, where is he hiding now." Lu Liren smiled chillyly, but when Zhang Wenguang mentioned Xiuxian, he There was a hint of pain in my heart.

Lu Liang, twelve years old, with dark skin, looks like a farmer, because he is particularly able to get into trouble and fight, and is a recognized king of children in Siji Village, Qingluo Town. There is an abandoned Laojun Temple on a cliff on the back of the village. If you want to get here, you must climb a section of tree vines. Because the road is too difficult to walk, no one basically goes. This is the best place for Lu Liang. Shelter. He also knows how Dad won't treat him, but he has to wait for the complainant to leave, right?

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